Albumism - Premiere of “You and I”

“A sound that’s undeniably fresh and inspired...When "Somebody Saves Me" arrives next month, nobody will be able to save Sugaray Rayford from the widespread success that his music so rightfully deserves.”


“Sit back and listen to one of today’s best blues-soul singers. Even better, attend one of his live performances where his energy can totally galvanize an audience.”

PopMatters- Premiere of The Revelator"

“A true badass... marrying  the funky soulfulness of classic R&B records while acknowledging contemporary sensibilities.”

Soul Tracks - Premiere of “Time to Get Movin’”:

“The album features a killer band and was recorded live, giving a sweaty, urgent vibe that is tough to capture, but magic when it happens.”

Rock & Blues Muse

“Sugaray Rayford has the vocal chops to die for, but he’s got something else - it’s called star power and charisma. This guy’s got “It.”

Living Blues

“Sugaray Rayford is a soul singer who brilliantly weaves blues, jazz and gospel inflections into his soaring songs.”

Soul & Jazz & Funk

"Think back to, say, the Golden days of Chess and people like Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters; then factor in the sound of classic soul men like Solomon Burke and add a sprinkle of the big voiced icons like Teddy P and you're getting near to the sound of Sugaray Rayford. Float that over an authentic soul backing in the manner of Daptone and Stax and you're getting near to the sound of 'Somebody Save Me'."

Americana Music Association

“You and I is a love laced R&B gem”

Blues & Soul

“stonking, funking, soulful blues.”

Rock and Blues Muse

“Singers like this don’t come along every day...He’s the real deal.”

“So here’s a question for you folks. When was the last time you heard a singer announce, before a note has been played, that “We’re gonna get butt naked about 10 songs in”? Not an everyday occurrence is it? But what this gig demonstrates is that Sugaray Rayford is not your everyday live performer. Oh no. He’s a colossus.”

Soul & Blues Magazine

“The irrepressible Sugar Rayford dismantling the London Blues Week performing here at the 100 Club. A stonking band who ripped into the place like a soul tsunami, taking no prisoners - to hell with dry January this was inspirational!”

“Big buzz on this from our editor in chief, Steve Williams, so you have to pay attention immediately and quite rightly too, from the outset this is serious black soul music with hints of the blues, not one for the faint hearted this.

So you think you’re into soul music, well this will put you to the test with real instruments, a voice that sounds like it’s been nurtured in smoke-filled, whiskey fuelled bars for decades, not unlike Little Milton in places which is right up my street. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a brand new 2017 release, and not some unissued album from back in the day. Of course, if like me you search for new product on a daily basis, then the fruits of your labour are there, St, Paul & The Broken Bones, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields etc. Well Sugaray is now sharing the stage with these icons. I kid you not.”


“The 10 tracker [The World We Live In] is named for a steady slow rumble with a killer hook in the chorus but what makes the cut so attractive is Rayford’s world-weary, lived in soul vocal and Sapio’s authentic, Golden Age soul backdrop – all recorded in analogue (of course!).”